There it is again...

-If you feel a law is unjust, are you allowed to disobey it? Kindergarden answer: No. High school answer: No, because that would allow people to pick and choose laws, which would lead to chaos. College and adult answer: Yes. I simply don’t have time to jump through every single legal hoop they want me to jump through.

This kind of thought will eventually lead to the downfall of our society. I’m thinking it anyway. Sorry, society!

-Every day, I’m becoming more and more like Jim, the dad in “WASP”. It’s terrifying. Today I was at Free Ride, learning how to fix bikes, and I thought, maybe I’m not really cut out for this. I found the place a little depressing, and I thought, well, what if I just took it to a bike shop and got it fixed whenever it needed to be fixed? Where would the money come from? Well, I’d just work harder at my job.

No, Dan! That is incorrect! Stop it!

See, this kind of thinking is easy. I’ll just get a high-paying job, (which is pretty much guaranteed given my field) that I sort of enjoy, and work at it enough to just throw money at all my problems. Does that work? Is it good? Kindergarten answer: No. Suburban grade school answer: Sure. Catholic high school answer: No. You can’t just ignore the world like that! Some of it is crap and you better get out there and fight it! College answer: No! Get me out of my cubicle, get me out of suburbia!

On a side note, I eventually got over my initial instinct, and Free Ride is really a pretty cool place. I mean, I took a bike apart (mostly), and now, where there used to be a beat-up old bike, there’s a frame and one wheel. The rest is all useful parts. That’s cool. That’s the kind of thinking I like. That’s the ME that I like. The me that would go on a multi-day mountain climbing trip, or a 200-mile 2-day bike ride. The me that would… what? Spend spring break helping people in an impoverished nation?

-And now I’m railing at the world again. I really need to write something, to get this all out, so I don’t keep posting (and thinking!) the same thing here. But on a more concrete, earthly level:

I have been eating healthily and deliciously! I’ve cooked a couple things, been keeping up with that… that’s cool. That’s part of the Me that I like.

I am in Children of Eden, it is pretty cool. The people in it are cool (I think… I want to get to know the ones that I don’t know very well yet better), I’m glad I’m in it, because I want to meet all the new people. I am, however, probably not doing another musical ever again. I’m just not cut out for it (see: singing higher than about a B in the middle of the treble clef. see also: dancing). But I will put my best effort forward in this one, because the other kids and the organization deserve it. I hope it turns out rull well. Even though it’s as corny as Iowa. I will still yell out “this is fun!” during The Naming.

I rode around Pittsburgh the other day. It was sweet. I did a loop, to downtown through South Oakland and back through the Strip District. I was born to live in a city. I was meant to look out my window in the morning and see a skyscraper (I can! the Cathedral of Learning!) I was meant to live a block away from an actual cathedral, and stop in there sometimes on my way home, just to admire it. I was meant to ride my bike in the street, never go to the same restaurant twice, and really appreciate parks.

Hit me with a Trite Stick if i’m getting trite. Otherwise, I’ll keep making posts like this.

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