A quick jot about what's up with my life, in case you're interested:

In a week: City of Angels. It’ll be good. I’ll sit backstage for a long time and possibly come out with a bucket on my head.

Soon: Gadget Play. It’ll be GREAT. I’ll sit backstage for a while and watch Kaitlin play Adam “Atom” Atkinson With British Accent, undoubtedly marvelously; an acting performance combated only by that of Andy as Man. Oh, and the special guest.

Then: Visiting grandparents. My grandpa goes in for a biopsy tomorrow on the Cancer Part II, to see if they can do chemo. Please hope, pray, or do whatever you do for him. He’s a great guy, and I don’t think it’s quite time for him to check out yet.

Afterwards: summer in Pittsburgh! Job leads include:
- Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center: This is the internship I want, I think. I’d work on software to help kids learn maths and stuff. That’s what I’m good at, I like to think.
- Cognitive Tutor Assistance Tools (or something): This is the one I want next, I think. Work on software to help people write software to help kids learn maths and stuff. That’s what I’m good at, just one level removed, which is still cool.
- Something with Prof. Hebert involving artificial intelligence: I don’t know what he has available, but AI sure is cool. I’m in his class now, I’m enjoying it.
- RADAR: An algorithm for a project that’s not about Radar at all. It’s about scheduling. Still, it offers some kind of algorithmic challenge, which is neat.
At any rate, the summer will hopefully also include camping, skydiving, and a sweet party in Cleveland. At least. If you’re going to be around and I don’t know yet, let me know.

Next semester: Networks! I’m biting the bullet, taking the last class-I-will-hate, hopefully, getting the 30-hour-a-week bear out of my schedule. Hopefully I’ll also be TA’ing. I mean, really, TA’ing is the most important thing to me next semester. But getting Networks out of the way will free up time for:

Later: Studying abroad! I finally found a college in Germany that at least appears to fit my needs. It’s the “International University in Germany.” I sent them an e-mail, I hope it works out.

Now: Same old gunk. I was ill, I think I’m mostly better. I’ve been feeling sluggish (what else is new?) but hopefully a return to normal patterns of eating, exercising, and sleeping will help. Got a visiting student tomorrow, should be fun. Oh, and the Seder- that should be cool too.


zph -

Fuck, I wish I’d studied abroad in Germany. Good call.

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