And another interesting question:

(prompted by a story Ram told me about Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu)

… if the Ultimate Power/Grand Being/God Of Everything became incarnated in certain people or things sometimes, would it be easier or harder to get a sense of the grand wonder of the universe? For example, you’re walking down the street, and there’s a mailbox, but the mailbox starts talking to you and you realize that it’s actually God. Or if God were a person, like Jesus, except appearing more than once throughout human history. What if God were all over the place? Say, if He were prevalent enough that everyone knew at least 5 or 6 people who were actually God?

Would that help us? Make us less likely to mess with people, because they might be God? Make us realize that, no matter how miserable we feel, God is probably right around the corner? Or would that make God ordinary, and therefore no longer God?


Ram -

That’s actually true, though.


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