Soll ich in Englisch oder Deutsch sprechen?

That has been the biggest problem so far. I’m not sure which is better, in this crazy resort town: terrible German or fluent English, especially when, for example, someone addresses me in German and I respond in English. Gaaah! I guess in St Anton, English is just as good, because half the people here are Brits anyway, and everyone speaks both languages fluently. I still feel bad about it. I did have at least one meaningful German conversation though:
Me: kann ich mit fünfzig Euros zahlen? (can I pay with €50?)
Bratwurst guy: ehh… ok.
Me: es tut mir leid! (I’m sorry)
Bratwurst guy: it’s no problem!
Me: ein currywurst, bitte.
Bratwurst guy: €3.20.

This conversation resulted in me getting a Currywurst, which apparently is a sausage with a bunch of curry powder drenched in ketchup. It’s good! This place amazes me.

In other news, all is well, I’ve been awake for going on about 30 hours, and tomorrow I’m going skiing!

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