I get pretty manic depressive about coding

When a project is working, and I’m making progress, I’m on fire. I get totally wired. Almost jittery. I could do it for hours and hours, nigh-nonstop. That’s probably a sign that this is actually a good career path for me.

However, when it’s not working, and especially if it’s not working because of some stupid issues, like a method in an external library isn’t doing what it’s supposed to, or I don’t have the right documentation to find what I want it to do, or I just don’t understand someone else’s code, it’s the worst. It sucks a lot. That’s probably a sign that I will have a lot of difficult times in this career path.

However, I’ll have some GREAT times too, especially if I have some equally enthusiastic co-workers (as I do on this Intelligent Systems robot maze project), so I guess it turns out well in the end. I’ll let you know how this project goes.

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