The Big Eenentwintig

Thanks, Mike! Yessir, as of May 26, I am the big twenty-one. I’d say something about being a responsible adult now, but really the only thing that’s changed is the big alcohol issue. Now I can drink booooze in any country in the world, except India (25!) and various Muslim countries. This is not a post about how silly the drinking age is.

What did I do for my birthday? Not a lot! I planned to keep it very hush-hush, quiet like. Normally this annoys me. When people say “I don’t want to have a big party, because I don’t like parties” or “I don’t deserve it” or whatever, that’s just self-pity. Please. A spontaneous celebration is usually a good thing, in my opinion. In my case, however, I think I just wanted it to be low-key because this whole semester has been like a party, and it’s kind of obnoxious. It’s all either party or travel, and while I’m a big fan of travel, there was no way I was getting trashed on my 21st birthday like every other idiot. A lot of my friends here have gotten stupid doo-doo dumb when they turned 21, and that’s retarded. The 21st doesn’t even mean anything here!

So I managed to have a couple of good nights with my closest friends here. It was very nice! I will miss these folks, much as I try to say “I’m moving on with life, and going home, and looking forward” and all that. While I don’t know if any of my friends here are BEST FRIENDS 4EVER OMG, it’s definitely been fun while it lasted, and I would consider giving a Regard* to a couple of them.

*you know when you say “give him/her my regards”? What if you only had a fixed number, say, 100 Regards? And when you ran out, you’re done? Whom would you give your Regards to? Naturally, a few to your family, and to your future family, for sure. Which friends would deserve a Regard? If you think about this in a certain exclusive way, it’s probably destructive, as it just creates a border between Regards-friends and other friends. But if you just think of it in the sense that meeting a person who’s worthy of a Regard is nice, it’s a neat concept.

I think that tomorrow I will consider my life status so far, and where I am on the dawn of my 22nd year, and post something a little more deep.

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