Three comics that I find funny

I mean three days' worth of comic strips, not three series. The series is called “Tom the Dancing Bug” and it mostly sucks, like most political comics.

What’s wrong with political comics? (I’m not talking about one-shot cartoons that show up in the opinion pages here; I’m talking about daily comics like Non Sequitir or Prickly City) They’re smarmy. They make fun of some poor schmuck who screwed up or said something dumb recently (Bush is an easy, and regular, target) and act like they said something hilarious. The whole thing is a “this moron; at least we’re better than him” wink-wink at the reader. And if the reader won’t go along, then it’s a “you like this moron? At least I’m better than you.”

Tom the Dancing Bug is a pretty normal political comic, most of the time. But sometimes he drops the political shtick and writes “super fun pak comix”, or a bunch of unrelated cartoons:
That’s all, and goshdarn GoComics only archives something like 30 old comics, so the links won’t last too long!

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