Happy Leap Day!

On this strange day, why not join us all in a big WTF, mates?

Why not celebrate with a No Parking Players + Off the Top improv show? (UC Danforth, 9pm, be there be there be there for serious, chumps.)

Or try this trippy Get Fuzzy cartoon. I like when he gets really bizarre.

Or go watch “No Country For Old Men” and tell me what the ending meant so I will stop being bothered by it.
(SPOILER ALERT maybe. I’m not going to talk details, but I will talk vaguely about the ending, so if you’re going to see it, maybe you shouldn’t read this)
There were some really super-cool scenes. Like the one where Anton Chigurh (the psycho killer) flips a coin for that guy’s life in the gas station. Awesome awesome scene. And where Llewellyn Moss (the cowboy “good guy”) wakes up in Mexico to a mariachi band, and where Chigurh kills the executive boss guy while the accountant watches, scared stiff. (PS. Chigurh’s pressurized cattle gun: TERRIFYING.) The movie as a whole, though, left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I’m not going to say I like my movies wrapped up nicely with a bow, Hollywood-style. I will say, though, fuck Waiting for Godot.

Some kid was walking out of McConomy and said something like “I like my comedies black and my dramas existential” or something, which made me want to reply with a super super great Dismemberment Plan quote, “I like my coffee black and my parole denied”, which is sort of my overall sentiment about the whole “life is terrifying and it sucks a lot, and then it keeps sucking, but never in a grand way, always just sort of blah” style of literature/film. There are awesome bits! Absolutely killer! But when you put them all together, you get something that’s sort of blah. I guess that’s the idea. But when you are making ART for the purpose of proving that things are sort of blah, why are you making art in the first place? You can find things that are blah all around you. Hey, my shoe’s untied.

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