Oh my god net neutrality.

If you don’t know what net neutrality is, click the link or keep reading. In my understanding of net neutrality, the idea is that we’d have some sort of law to prevent, say, the ISP’s from blocking or restricting traffic to certain sites.

That’s a good idea, right? Of course it’s a good idea! The fact that we’re even debating whether or not it’s a good idea is terrifying!

Let me phrase this like a congressional bill, because maybe Gerrit will get a kick out of it.

WHEREAS the internet is one of the best things the world has going for it right now (see as evidence Wikipedia and OLPC and CiteSeer and, well, Google),

and whereas If we allow Comcast and Verizon and etc. to decide which websites are blocked or whatever, the Internet will become the next TV or radio,

and whereas Clearchannel sucks a lot,

Therefore be it resolved that net neutrality is a good thing, goddamn it.

Anyway, there’s a bill going through the house or senate, I dunno, and I don’t know a damn thing about governments besides TELL YOUR CONGRESSPERSON TO SUPPORT THIS BILL BECAUSE IT SUPPORTS NET NEUTRALITY.

Seriously. There are only a few things I feel really strongly about (like waterboarding, and bicycling, and eating well (hey, two of those three are fun things, and the third sounds like it should be a fun thing, but it is really USA-legal torture!)) but this is one of them.



Gerrit -

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Gerrit -

Consider me kicked by your phrasing! In case you care, you drafted a ‘resolution,’ which is non-binding. Imagine, hypothetically, one that said something like RELIGIOUMS IS TEH AWESOME!

Contacting your reps is wise. I’ve spoken to a few state reps and staffers of congressional ones, and here is what they’ve said about how to contact them effectively:

1. Go to their local office in person. Call ahead to find out when they’ll be in. If possible, go with friends. Make a good impression.

2. Call them on the phone. You’ll speak to an intern or something, but they will have to actually answer when you call. They will actually mark down in a box that you said “waterboarding is bad” or “tax cuts rule.”

When you call, say something like “My name is ___ ____ and I am from [zip code]. I encourage [rep] to [do something].” Be cordial and to the point. Thank them and hang up. It’ll take about 20 seconds. Way faster than an email.

Put your rep’s phone number in your cell phone. Just type your zip code in here.

3. Write a Physical Letter.

4. Write an E-Mail. People seem to think this is easy and awesome, but when you write an email, especially a MoveOn-esque form email, its easy for a politician to say “Oh, it’s just those MoveOn/Focus on the Family nut-jobs.”

So, my advice is to call, and call often.

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