Video games, and it turns out Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are AWESOME

She puts Obama signs in her front yard, and he retaliates with McCain signs. She puts cardboard cutouts of political figures in her house, and sometimes the kids cart them out. This is great.

In other news, I’m looking for a video game. I like video games. I want to play one this summer, while I have some free time. So please, suggest me one!

Rules: It must be for computer, PS2, or SNES, as those are the only systems I have access to. (if it works easily on Linux that would be much better (if I had a dollar for every time some third-party thing “worked easily on Linux” I’d have about four bucks))

Guidelines: I particularly like RPGs, or games with a strong story. The Baldur’s Gates were awesome back in the day, and I still think the holy Squaresoft trinity of Final Fantasy 7, FF6, and Chrono Trigger marks the peak of video games forever. If the story’s weak, but the gameplay is good, I can dig that too (I was very addicted to Diablo 2 for a long time). I love anything that lets me be a character and pump up my stats and get cool items.

RTS games are okay too; I was into Starcraft and Warcraft 2 for a while, but I don’t have leet uber micro.

I do like games that are creative and/or very pretty. Myst/Riven were great, even though the only possible way to play them involved following a walkthrough. SimCity 2000 was killer (heck, even The Sims was fun), and I saw a demonstration of a bunch of indie games called “The Art of Play” that I really enjoyed.

Rhythm games are all right, but I still like Amplitude the best, because it’s the only one where the game is better than the gimmick.

Or even a good action/arcade game, like Super Mario World, can suck me in for hours. But I can’t deal with three dimensions. (unless I have Wii head tracking)

So, in summary: I would like a game that either is really cool and innovative, or plays like a movie, or lets me collect things. If it’s an old ROM or something, that’s fine; if it’s cutting edge and brand new, that’s cool too. Recommend away!

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