A weekend of happy losing

Sorry I haven’t been around. I went home for the weekend, which you’d think would mean more free time, but it really means a lot less! A lot of my friends from school were home, so I was hanging out with them a lot, and of course family.

It was nice seeing my grandparents and especially my aunt and uncle on my own. My parents were out of town. You don’t really get to talk to relatives much at family things because the grown-ups are always talking. But they’re really cool people, and hey, I’m an adult now too, and we can actually talk.

Seeing my friends was great fun too. Dan, Erik, and Brad were in from Cleveland (okay, he lives there), DC, and Dayton, respectively, and I got to see Ananth, Seth, Tony, and Kev too. (new slang for pot: “steaks.” As in, “Hey man, you want some steaks? I got some nice juicy New York strip steaks!” Ironically, Kev doesn’t smoke. He just looks like a stoner.)

I managed to be terrible at everything we did! First poker, well, what do you expect. I watched Ananth and Tony play chess. They’re incredible. I guess they’re some level of masters, but I don’t know what. The next day, we played tennis. I was easily the worst of the four of us. We jetskied the next day too, and did some tubing, and I just didn’t like tubing, and was even getting freaked out by jetskiing as the day wore on! Oh, and between going out on the lake, we played Corn Hole. I didn’t win a single game. Then Brasa Grill (a Brazilian steakhouse) and a party across town where I got a stomachache from eating too much at the Brasa Grill. We finished off the weekend on Sunday by hitting up the newly-reopened art museum, and I still don’t know much about art.

This was probably good for super-competitive me. Honestly, I didn’t mind, as long as I wasn’t slowing them down. I don’t really have much to say, and I have to go take a shower. When you don’t work, you can take showers whenever you want!

And also, I’m a little addicted to Final Fantasy X. But it sucks so much! (the characters, I mean. The story’s all right, and the gameplay is pretty fun, which is why it has me hooked. I just say this because I’m finding myself embarrassed to be playing the game.)

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