I did a thing!

Google Analytics just launched a lot of features at a conference called eMetrics. Here’s a post about it, from a totally independent blog, that apparently has like a lot of readers and stuff. I’m responsible for part of it! (maybe I don’t have to be oblique about this, I dunno, whatever, but the exact thing that I did is not the point.) Part of a sentence of this article (in this post from a super big deal blog) would not have been written, if not for me.

I still can’t demo what it is that I did, because it’s not out in the general public (only for some special people who signed up for all the new features), but pretty soon, I will be able to point you to a site in Analytics, and be like “click this, I did that, it is a useful thing that you can do now that you couldn’t do before, and like 92809890483097 other people can do that too, and maybe like 1% of them actually want to do it, but that’s still 928098904830 people, and their lives are all a little bit better, thanks to me.” And I started work almost exactly two months ago. Hey, you should go into software, it’s a pretty cool business. Better, you should work at Google, our products launch really fast.

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