Happy Journey! or, India: The Awesome List

“Happy Journey” is a thing they say a lot in India. (Well, as much as we say “Bon Voyage”, I guess.)

And so it was! A whirlwind tour through 8 cities in 13 days, in 3 parts. First, I met up with Catie in Guwahati and took a taxi to Shillong, where I hung out with her host family in Shillong, their parents in the nearby village of Kharang, and the orphanage she’s working at (also in Kharang). Next, Catie and I set off for a quick trip through Kolkata, Bodh Gaya, Varanasi, Sarnath, and Agra, tourist-style. Finally, we ended up in the outskirts of Gurgaon, just south of Delhi, where we spent a few days with her friends there and a couple days in Delhi itself.

India is awesome, gross, enlightening, and confusing. We decided that we’d both be happy if the “awesome” or “confusing” list won, and indeed, the latter did. So I’ll share with you the awesome list now, interspersed with the gross and enlightening lists as appropriate. And I’ll split it into three parts, so it’s a little shorter for you to read, but so I don’t have to lose out on completeness.

AWESOME LIST (aka a quick summary of our trip), which I will split into three parts:

PART THE FIRST: Northeast India

PART THE SECOND: Tourist blatz from Shillong to Delhi

PART THE THIRD: Delhi and suburbs


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