Sockmeisters, breathe your socky wisdom into me

Really. I need some socks. Sandals weather has ended and my beautiful Zorro tan on my feet will begin to fade. (well, “Sorro” on my left foot I guess.)

Foot comfort is paramount to entire body comfort! If your socks don’t breathe, you’ll feel all clammy; if they have holes, well, it’s kind of crummy. And let’s not even get started with wet socks (among the worst things that exist).

Furthermore, foot style is paramount to entire body style. And I don’t just mean shoes, although if you can recommend any sweet clogs (or other no-hands shoes) too I would be quite intrigued. The socks make the man! I present as evidence Brian “Argyle socks” Gray.

I would like some socks that are super-comfortable for indoor and outdoor weather (not super-heavy mountaineering socks), breathe nicely, and have some color and/or pattern. Price is not as important. I’ll take recommendations of fabrics, brands, guidelines, whatever you’ve got.

I’ve already tried some Smartwool everyday socks, for the record, and they seemed kind of clammy and too warm. Plus they look like they’re falling apart after once in the washer/dryer. Every cheap sock I’ve bought has been thin and awful. I’m still rocking a couple pairs of many-year-old Champions, and they’re surprisingly nice, but they’re white athletic socks.

In return for your recommendations of socks, I’ll offer some wisdom from some other people that I agree with:

I know it intellectually but I don’t really feel it.” If you talk to me a lot ever you must have heard me say this.

Avoid feature creep in everything.” This goes two ways for me: I hate feature creep in software so I really hate it in my life, and I hate feature creep in my life so I really hate it in software.

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