Webcomics evolution wonder! Absolutely hooray for this!

Sorry, I’m just further scattering your brain, and not contributing anything useful but but but but (deep breath) this is so good.

Okay, so you know Dinosaur Comics.

And you know Garfield Minus Garfield.

Stop for a moment if you don’t know Dinosaur Comics or Garfield Minus Garfield. You gotta know these. They’re both genius. Read a bunch. Okay, now you may continue:

T-Rex is Lonely Comics.

SUPER YES. I am glad that the world of webcomics has come to this. It’s entirely a webcomics inside joke. I feel like this must be how like Mondrian felt or something, when he just took some existing art and broke it down to its bare fundamentals and he’s like “hey this is a tree” and everyone else is like “what are you doing.” You look at T-Rex is Lonely Comics and you’re like “what the hell” but it’s SO GOOD because you know the backstory…

HOLD UP it just got better. I didn’t realize they were munged from EXISTING DINOSAUR COMICS.


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