Two nights ago, I was in Leh

Argh you can’t link in titles. Leh. Of course I’ve never actually been there, but dreams are nice.

How are your habits going? Over the last 4 months, I’ve picked up 4 habits: listening to language tapes on my way to work, getting to work at 9, meditating daily, and not eating desserts. They’ve all been crumbling a bit, but still holding together. I get in to work at like 9 or maybe 10 but usually 9ish. My meditation is down to maybe 10 minutes per day. And after Easter hit, well, I’ve been eating desserts as if I had never resolved not to. (language tapes are still doing well. Pom pudh pasar thai dai nit noy khlap.)

In April, I thought maybe I’d resolve to practice my dual n-back skills, as improved working memory would be very nice. But maybe I’m better off doubling back and picking up on those habits I’ve let slide. (or a little of both. I can do dual 3-back pretty competently now, anyway.)

But otherwise, life is nice! Have you picked up any habits that have helped your life? Can I help you keep them?


Brian -

Congrats Dan! 10 minutes of mediation a day is still good I think, and I hardly even see the value in not eating desserts.

I have been keeping up with my new habits pretty well for the most part – most of mine are health/migraine related. 60 ounces of water a day is probably the easiest (and the BEST) and the 30 mins of cardio turned out to be not the worst.

I have also picked up a habit of not keeping an unreasonable amount of email in my inbox. Everything in there is to be dealt with/responded to, and I keep it in one “page” (under 20 or so). This has been working out pretty well for me, but I am not sure how long it can last.

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