And if you like barbecue chips, maybe you also like barbecue sauce.

So here I rail against people using their phones when they’re hanging out with friends. (in general with the “multitasking is bad” thing.) And then I’m at a bar, and I realize I could help settle a dispute between some other friends, but I don’t remember what exactly┬áthe dispute is. So I pull out my phone and Twitter and go to see what it was. My friends who I’m with mock me a little bit. I go “yeah, you’re right” and put it away (but not before seeing what the dispute was).

Then I find my bit of data and go to report it back to said friends (the ones who aren’t there)… by pulling out my phone and firing up the Twitter again. I am again mocked. This time I really deserve it.

All I’m saying is, don’t judge people.

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