Man, what a friggin amazing weekend.

There is nothing like having 100 of your family and friends come in from out of town and throwing the biggest best party you can think of. It’s a whirlwind for sure, the kind of thing you wish you could make last forever. Uh. Man. I want to thank so many people, and I will do so more privately also, but for the record, the following people have been extra special amazing:

John Figdor for a wonderful ceremony - and all the work that goes into it, and guiding us through putting it together

Heather Kresge and co-photographer Robert were so on the ball, thoughtful, artistic, and calm the whole time; seriously, hire her if you need photos ever

(Alexa and Wes the videographers were great too!)

Alex Homer for totally great DJing - the kind of skilled DJ whose timing is always perfect, and who can work in a whole list of stuff we like but also know that, yeah, everyone actually *does* want to hear Don’t Stop Believing

Amanda and the rest of the Mattress Factory crew for running the show at the super coolest venue I can imagine

Krishna and the folks at Tamarind for delicious Indian catering - way better (and cheaper too) than standard ol' American catering (and Jen and volunteers at for saving leftovers even, maybe!)

Matt and Charlie Wein for helping us come up with a bar menu we loved, buying a ton of drinks, and serving them up to a hundred thirsty partygoers

Cheryl, Natasha, Ivana, and Miya for being a great Bridal Party and being game for doing readings kinda on the spot

Daniel and Killian for being the Best Man and Best Woman, seriously, waiting on us hand and foot, knowing exactly what we needed all the time, and helping everything go smoothly

All of you for being my loving family and friends! Ok going to go Like everything on Facebook now, be back in a couple hours.

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