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Predictive drawing with neural networks
This is one of these things that I saw once and can’t seem to find the exact same gif. It was like, you’d be drawing, and it’d be showing you the most likely continuations of the current line you’re drawing.
Anyway, this predictive-drawing is a really useful idea I’ve had reason to reference; I wish it had a simple name.
One application: sometimes in conversations, when people are not very direct, you have to do this kind of “predictive drawing” in your mind to fill in what they’re saying. Like if you’re in a work meeting and someone says “I don’t know if this is the best thing to do here,” it becomes all of the following:
- I don’t want to do this
- I would like to do it, but I honestly don’t know if it’s the best thing to do
- I kinda want to do this, but I’m expressing hesitation because I don’t want responsibility for decision making
- I actually can’t do this because of some secret political thing that would be impolite to bring up

The 9.9 Percent is the New American Aristocracy - Yes! Remember: inequality is because of the 0.1%, and you, you fellow 9.9%er, you are not them. You are not going to become them. You will not get ahead by sucking up to them. The 90% are your people.
Also this thread. Especially: “(So if you want my take on living up to democracy, it does require acting as if ordinary people are not dumb. They are not. They are constrained. There is a difference. It matters.)”
Again, Fox News is at least one big part of the problem; if there’s an industry (created by the 0.1%) telling the 90% how much the 9.9% looks down on them… well, it’s not going to help anything.

How to have meetings well, in lots of detail. I mostly agree with this - there’s bits I’d quibble on, but it does seem a lot more mature than the strategy I learned at Google, which was “basically you should never have meetings.”
(this is hyperbole; google was somewhat smarter than this and continues to get smarter probably, but that’s how I compressed this into my mind)

I started using Duckduckgo (“The search engine that doesn’t track you”) a couple years ago, kinda on a whim. It’s totally great; I probably get bad results and then try google, like, 1 in 100 times. (and google fails sometimes then too!) You might as well use Duckduckgo too. An easy way to do so, it seems, is to get their new browser extension.

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