Ever feel like your life is the Truman Show?

I had two such experiences today:

1. I was walking in the UC, in front of a couple kids, one of them was holding a few things, and they had a conversation that went like this:
A: Can you juggle?
B: No… haha, I can juggle 2.
A: Wow, remember when there was a juggler in that talent show? When was that… end of orientation week I guess.
B: Yeah, that’s right, he was really good.
A: And at the end, he juggled swords too!
…something like that. So thank you, St. Ignatius Circus Company.

2. So music warm-ups during Wiz rehearsal. We did “Sing-aah” and “Many mumbling mice” … the usuals. Then Adam Jaffe says “Okay, this next warm up, we sing ‘Dan Tasse, Dan Tasse, Dan Tasse…'” That was pretty funny too.

So Truman Show watchers, if you’re out there, hope you’re really getting a kick out of me posting this stuff in my blog.


BG -

Dude, juggle on man. Juggling rocks. Flashed 5c baccrosses twice today. Working on that 5c 5 up 360. Catch the WJF on the tube next month!

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