First Post!

Whoa hey, I’ve got a blog! Now I can express my deep inner feelings and share my most profound unique thoughts.

Just like everyone else.

Okay, here’s the real reason: vanity. I could easily type everything into a little file on my computer and leave it there, giving me an equally secure storage place for all of my memories, or shoot, even write it down. But I, like any other blogger, have decided to throw it all on the INTERNET, in the vague hope that someone might enjoy it and drop a proverbial coin into the piggy bank of my self-esteem. So this is really the Online Dan Ego Orgy, and disgusting as that sounds, look at your own blog; it probably is too. But leave your two cents, I appreciate it.

Or if you want to be lighthearted about it, this is a place I can put funny stuff, and people can read it, and we’ll all chortle and frolic among the computerized daisies.

At any rate, hey, this should be fun, and maybe provide me with a bit of a creative outlet before CMU turns me into a robot, like King Midas whispering promises of starting six-figure incomes in my ear while patting me on the back with his poisonous hand, except instead of gold, I turn into steel, with little silicon microchips in there somewhere.

Posts with actual content will start tomorrow. Now it’s time to sleep.



I have nothing important to say, except Dan Tasse is an awesome person. If I were voting for something, my vote would go to Dan Tasse. Really, I just wanted to be the first person to comment on Dan’s Blog and to the first post for that matter! Wow, Dan, we’re sharing a lot of firsts, I feel so special. It’s too bad you never call anymore. What’s that about?

Ignore that last bit. Great Blog!

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