I am posting to the INTERNET at 4:30 AM!!!

Hah, but it’s okay. Because I wasn’t doing homework, I was having fun. Alex A. is very cool, as are Ram, Aaron, and Granger. Hooray college, hooray life… I hope I’m still staying up with friends until 4:30 AM on weeknights when I’m 40.

What else is on my mind? A lot, I dunno. All crazy stuff. Lyrics to “The Dark of the Matinee” running through my head, for appropriate reasons, which I will leave cryptically vague, so I guess that last statement doesn’t serve any purpose for any readers… well screw you! It’s my blog!

Yeah. um. Parents coming into town this weekend, that’s cool I guess, hey Easter. Other than that, a simple game “Waiting” (the corollary to “Bob Barry” and “Cornflakes”) comes to mind, except not involving 3rd world dictators.

What? I’m like a broken penny mint (Denver or Philadelphia?)… I’m not making any cents. Or sense. Puns… (punches self in face.) Sleep!

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