I feel like a little kid

Just wanting to run around outside, shouting nonsense… I’m all simultaneously happy and nostalgic and sad, for no reasons. Entirely energetic, loving everything! And so sad, listening to Death Cab’s “Photobooth,” thinking how the year’s almost over. But it’s not yet! Hah! EEEeeeeee…

Okay, this is your 8th-grade-girl post of the year. I’ve posted too many times in the last n hours, I’ve mentioned a song (by death cab, no less!), I’ve talked about a lot of vague generalities, all I need to do now is gossip about people’s boyfriends/girlfriends. Well shut up!

Too much emotions. You know what that means. Yep, time for CS HOMEWORK! Suck away every feeling like a big Hoover, leaving me with an inner core made from sheet metal and bolts, a big CPU, err, brain up at the top! Let’s go 251!

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