Nyaah! I lied!

Sorry, this entire day was eaten up by a monumental programming assignment. Monumental in the sense of big, not in the sense of glorious at all. THEREFORE, nothing much today:

Today: made some excellent hamburgers for the family. Whoa, hamburgers. It’s not easy being a gourmet, let me tell you.

Tomorrow: Programming exam at Hyland Software, where I hope to work.

Also appearing tomorrow: more work on programming assignment. My posterior is so saddened by the prospect of sitting in this chair for that much longer that it may become emo.

Coming soon to a semester near you: easier classes. Granted, I’m really only taking three classes right now, but they’re hard… I’m thinking maybe 2 real classes next semester, and 3 fun ones. Hey, I only have to take 12 classes for my major over the next 6 semesters. Nice. I’m just looking for a break, so I can do some other stuff, not just program all the time. I feel like I’ll be sitting in front of a computer for the next 60 years. And talking to my dad, he seems to think that’s just fine, because I will make a heap of money. It’s like WASP all over again, except now my dad is playing himself, and nobody’s acting. But more on that later.

Whoa, three days ago: my grandpa had surgery to remove his lung cancer. Wholly cow. Hey kids, get out your rubber stamps, and stamp a big “entirely insignificant” on those previous few paragraphs. I guess he’s doing really well, joking around and stuff, in good spirits, which is awesome. That’s where my mom was while I was in Michigan and Chicago. He’s great, I guess it was not too tricky an operation because they caught it early, but all the same, it’s good to know that he’s doing okay.

So hey, there’s your bright spot for the day. Enjoy your last Friday of break, or if you’re not on break, then hooray, it’s Friday!

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