So... church

Yep, it’s Easter. Happy Easter!

And therefore, time for the semiannual Church Visit, accompanied by my wonderful family. We went to a Catholic church. My dad is only nominally Catholic, my mom and sister are clearly Protestant, although my sister may soon enough hit the atheism or apathy that strikes us all come college time. Or at least struck me.

The cathedral was traditionally cruciform, the stained glass and stone were beautiful, the organ music was loud and jarring, the responsorial phrases were cultlike, the homily was processed enriched and bleached, the “long stand” beginning the Liturgy of the Eucharist was tiring, the kneel during communion was interminable, the donation was appreciated, the mass was left early because I had to get to Wiz practice. All in all, your average mass. Hey Dan, here’s a vase, it’s made of JADED!

While I’m being atheistic and emo in my blog, can I just say “I love the Shins!!!~!” … I hope the rumor about them coming to CMU for carnival is true. Because after all, listen to them, they’ll change your life.

All in all though, I’m still happy… enjoy your week!

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