Another week

Another set of homework, classes, and lots of talking about homework and classes. And tiredness. When I’m not in class or doing homework, I don’t want to be talking about classes and homework! I need to clear that away more.

Hey, I was sick this week. I think I’m better though. Just a cold.

I was in my first improv show tonight too… it was fun, even though I somewhat-largely got the nerves, which didn’t end up resulting in anything awful, uh just me missing a “this is the last scene” note, being indecisive while pimping, forcing and driving a scene, and just not generally having a particularly “on” night… but whatever, I’m probably being too picky. Everyone has a first show. And it was fun, I heart improv.

Hooray the Wiz I guess, it’s going fine, although rehearsing every night is tough. Well, it doesn’t get easier I guess. I hope I get cast in Scotch on the Rocks for something, that looks like a lot of fun.

So, really, I have nothing to say. Hooray for a blog, so I can shout to the world “I have nothing to say!”

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