AKA the Wiz!

Because that’s all I did during carnival… I saw the booths for about 45 minutes with my family today. Other than that, it was Wiz, party, sleep. Man, so much fun. The Wiz was pretty fun- I’m not going to lie, it had boring bits, I mean being Extra McChorus, it’s not thrilling acting-wise. But hey, still a big production, still fun people! So I’ll list some highlights, stream-of-consciousness wise or something

Dorothy: Toto! Where are you, Toto?
Aunt Em: Dorothy? Is that you? I’ve been needing your help all afternoon!
Dorothy: Soon as I find Toto, Aunt Em. Toto!
Uncle Henry: (enters with bucket on head) Uncle Henry Uncle Henry Uncle Henry! (hits head with fists) Uncle Henry Uncle Henry! (trips over stage lights, falls into cyc, pulling it down with him)
Pit: (looks confused)
Danielle: (Kills Dan Tasse with sticks) (some sharp, some blunt)
Laurel: Go to bed!
Bees: Wheeeeeeeee!

Apparently I gurgle. Brian Gray impromptu-style invited us to crash at his house, and we talked about improv, and he makes tea with flair. And let me just say, he was a great face for the organization as AD, and one of the reasons I stayed involved in those pivotal first few weeks.

So my name got painted on the fence again. My Henderson friends, I’m sorry I haven’t seen you in like a week, because I’ve been so busy w/ the play. But you’re awesome to paint my name on the fence. See, everyone has been so profusely declaring admiration for me recently, I feel very awkward. Unfortunately, in some cases, I have been assuming that such adulation is somewhat condescending: if you really admire someone, you’d be more discreet about it. And if it’s condescending, then it’s like “cute little Dan…” but then that person puts me on a lower status level, which makes it hard for me to ever have a good friendship with that person, which is too bad. But I guess sometimes it isn’t: it’s genuine appreciation, and if people are truly that gracious, I’m kind of an ass for assuming they aren’t. So I apologize to those people, if I fail to acknowledge your kindness, I’m sorry.

(said in a Will Haines voice when there’s a lull in the conversation) Will Haines. Geez, for all the crazy things you’ve done and said this week, you deserve a mention here. Even though you’ll never read this, because you think it’s stupid, and it is. So normally I’d say you’re my hero, but because said things this week include sledgehammering the wall of my existence and wearing a unitard onstage (not sure which is worse), I will point you out as an excellent foil. If I were an author, I’d create contrasting characters like us- like the Darkness and the Shins. Which makes things fun- if all of your friends are just like you, what’s the point?

Oh yeah, the Shins played. People whined about “they’re not a great concert band” and “low-energy.” What do you expect? They’re the Shins! They played Saint Simon, I was happy.

And Julie Brown. Well obviously a mention of your feuding rival Will begs a mention of you, but you are such a cool kid in your own right (kid in an entirely non-condescending way) and I’m glad I got to hang out with you, be it at Eat’n’Park or whatever else crazy thing happened this week. You are one person I always enjoy spending time with. Goodwill is so good. And if I’m a doctor and you ever have a fatal incurable disease, I’ll let you know. Be sure to hang out in Webster a lot next year.

Eat’n’Park midnight breakfast buffet: $6.99
Future medical bills: $20,000.00
If I had to pay a dollar for each calorie I ingested tonight: $1000-2000
Flannel shirt: $4
Nice black pants: $4
Goodwill store: $excellent
Oh right, there’s supposed to be a priceless in here somewhere.
Endless Cyc, Dave Pellow, and Choad jokes: priceless.

Wow, so there you go. Carnival. Further updates may follow as I regain my memory.


Anonymous -

Uncle Henry! Uncle Henry! Uncle Henry!

Anonymous -

Hey hey good buddy! I’m very jealous you got to see the shins. All we got was Jason Mraz which i obviously declined to pay 10 dollars to see. I was going to go to Guster at Case but that didn’t turn out thanks to homework type dealings. Such is college I guess. Well I shall be seeing you in a matter of weeks so talk to you then!


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