The fence

What?? So I wake up in the afternoon, as it pleases me to do, and I go to the fence, and it has “We (heart) Dan Tasse” on it. My house, Henderson that is, is crazy.

Hah! Wiz load-in tonight! Hah!

In other news, got cast as an extra in Scotch on the Rocks. Well, that’s cool I guess. A speaking part would have been nice (hooray straight plays!) but you can’t win them all. Well it’ll be fun, I’ll be in the productions, which is cool… I guess the only bit that bugs me is that it means I was about 9th out of 10 male auditioners or something. Which, in all fairness, is probably true- I am not a great actor; I can count my acting experiences not just on one hand, but in fact on the cuticles of one finger (there are two, right? One on each side of the nail?) I guess I just got my hopes up when they kept saying how much they needed actors.

Also I’m dreaming like one crazy son of a gun. 4 vivid dreams over one night on Friday night.

I said “shoot, I’m having so many dreams, I don’t know what’s real. I should just remember this, this is real.” But then I woke up, and it wasn’t.
-from my dream log. Yeah, I log dreams. It’s awesome, makes for good reading.

We were in a coliseum, in the stands. In some bizarre sport, people kept getting killed. But then the central guy leading this whole thing picked out one kid I knew, a CS major, not really a friend, and came up to me, and said “Do you want to see this guy sacrificed?” I said “Not particularly.” So he said “Okay, I’ve got a better idea. We’ll execute you both!” And then they dragged us away to prepare us for execution. I was laughing and having a good time, thinking, basically, the best way to beat the system is to be grinning until you die.
-also from the dream log.

Load-in! Hah!

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