Quite the day

Wow, today was a day.
Board preview, woo, went well, that’s all. 1 week till showtime!

Elections! Board for next year = awesome! Oh yeah… and I’m an EBM. Whoa. I am very surprised- a no-talent no-experience punk like me. I’ll stop that now, it sounds like compliment-fishing. I can certainly get the job done, I know what’s going on, and hopefully I can prevent some feuding silliness. It’ll be a good year.

Some homework, a fondue festival at Catherine’s, I ate too much, but it was so good. Relaxing with some very good folks. Right on brother. Scotch-n-Soda Theater is the best.

In the meanwhile, one big crunchy week. Wish me luck, and sleep, and the ability to finish things. I’m feeling optimistic. This is one of those weeks that’s not just drudgery- it’s a challenge. Raargh, let’s do it!

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