The mewling hordes grate on my ossicles

They desire a post. Can’t they see that everything is a turbulent hurricane now, turbulent in the sense that a rainstorm of ice cream is turbulent. A beautiful mess of cheesecake and raspberry sorbet, with graham cracker and chocolate shavings.

And by mewling hordes I mean nobody in the entire world. And by that entire first paragraph I mean:

So it’s finals week. Is it bad that it’s like fun-week, with the occasional test? Well I feel like I’m doing fine on them so far, so I think it’s good. So basically I’m all happy now, except that the seniors are leaving. Damn I wish I could go to Meatfuck tonight- last chance to see many of those kids… but there’s a board meeting. Well, as Grubb says, get used to it, it’ll happen a lot.

Oh, err, yeah, for those of you who don’t know, Meatfuck is a trip to an all you can eat Brazilian steakhouse. Very high on the list of “most decadent things.” But hey, it’ll still be there next year.

At any rate, there’s Kennywood Friday, Beck’s “Guero” on my computer, going home on Saturday, and a week of relaxation.

Wait… dammit! I’m going home, that means I won’t see any of you kids for a few months! Yeah, I realize this, but it hasn’t really sunk in yet. Shit! Well… y’all should come visit Cleveland. Just a hop and a skip away from Pittsburgh, and hey, it’s not racist as hell. I’m serious about a Cedar Point trip, if anyone’s interested, it’d be cool. My house is always open.

And if not, I’ll see everyone in August. Next year ~= cool. (that’s a “will be equal to”)


yincrash -

i would definitely be up for a cedar point and/or whirlyball trip

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