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So life’s flying past as usual. I had to go and get a job this summer, which makes the weeks go fast but the days go so slow. Sigh. So about this company:

-Very casual, almost no dress code, free pop/coffee/tea
-Fun things, like going to see Star Wars during work, or having an all-afternoon party involving racing mini battery-powered motorcycles
-Getting paid approximately $infinite/hour
-Biking distance from home
-I’m sure I’m learning a ton
-Resume booooooooost!

-Boring. If this is what life is like as a worker in computer science, get me out now. Long days sitting in front of a computer, making minor changes to a tiny part of a document management software suite.
-The people. Besides a few, most are standoffish and unfriendly. Well, not unfriendly, so much as just not very social.*
-Long days. But I can’t complain about that, that’s, er, a normal 40-hour work week.
-I fell off the damn mini-motorcycle. :|

*I swear, if my life were a movie, everyone in that company is a reused actor, someone I’ve met before, acting in a completely different role. We’ve got my high school economics teacher, one of my juggling friends (in a few years), my cousin, a kid from my high school… it’s not quite uncanny, but it’s only partially canny.

Anyway, as for the rest of life… this weekend was cool, saw a lot of folks from high school. Oh shoot, my birthday happened too! Yeah, I got a cell phone, which is pretty cool, for convenience reasons. I also got a George Foreman grill- oh yeah, I’ve been cooking! Damn! Cooking is fantastic! Next year, I’m cooking a lot, and you’re all coming over to Webster for some delicious meals! And hey, other people like to cook too- we should all cook stuff and eat stuff! It could be like some lame cooking club, except it wouldn’t be lame, because COOKING! Hot!

Man, cooking is so good. And there’s this new grocery store near where I live too, called Trader Joe’s, and it is so good too! Good healthy tasty natural foods, for cheap! Too bad there’s not one in Pittsburgh (is there?)

So yeah… I really like food!


Brian -

sadly no trader joes in the burgh that i have found. i blame the geagle monopoly. but seriously, tj’s kicks ass. have you had the trader joe’s brand salt and pepper chips? so freaking good.

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