Post! Raisin Bran is a healthy way to start your day.

So what have I been doing this week that made me so busy I couldn’t even post anything?
1. organizing room, it’s a mess!
2. planning/executing my mom’s mother’s day/birthday festivities.
3. (sigh) playing Secret of Evermore, an old SNES game. I guess my inner dork shines through.
4. running errands, etc. Wow, there’s a lot to be done in a family of 4 people!

Whatever. I start work next week. I have to say, not working is more fun than working, but this job should be cool. Hyland Software’s the name, and, err, document management (I guess) is their game. Which sounds boring. But hey, at least I get to do something related to something I know how to do.

Enough about the future, it’s time to live in the past! What I’ll miss about last year:
1. Double-majoring in acting and having fun, minoring in CS (easiest major in the school!)
2. Improv
3. All those swarms of bees
4. wait for it… Donkeypunch!
5. Beast Bird Fish
6. Parties, especially at Webster and Kaitlin’s house, because they’re awesome. Also at that house next to Il Valletto, even though I don’t know the people, because they have roofs!
7. Midnight Breakfast Buffet at Eat’n’Park! Goal next year: go to the buffet and get one of everything. Unless my eating ability goes blank. Which is a terrible thing to do when you’re asked to eat everything.
8. Acting out that dialogue between Theresa and Sarah with Rob and Kaitlin. Like Running Bear!
9. Steven Rudich’s incredible 251 lectures! err… cancel that.
10. Klaus’s fantastic 211 lectures! Wait, I’m enrolled in the “Klaus teaches things he likes” class next semester.
11. Losing The Game.
12. Shoot, what’s the point? This is lame, writing down everything I liked about the last year. It’s all there, we all remember it clearly. So I’ll stop being lame.

Right… I guess I did promise lists. So there they are. Boo-yah! Boo-yah! chk-chk-chk-chk-chk…

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