err... FOOD!

2 nights ago: mandarin orange scallops
last night: jamaican jerk marinated pork and “salsa vegetables”
tonight: fajita things w/ chicken, leftover salsa vegetables, and brilliant black bean and corn salsa from Trader Joe’s
later tonight: pineapple cake!

So the jamaican jerk marinade was excellent, and so was the George Foreman grill I was cooking it on. Look out Webster 403, George will be sharing the residence next year. Umm… throw in “omelets for breakfast” (ingredients: see “fajita things” ingredients, plus eggs) and it’s pretty much been a good week for food all around.

Tomorrow: whitewater rafting traveling. Well hey, it’s not work. I don’t know any of the kids going, because it was organized through my high school, and my dad, being very involved w/ the high school, decided to go, so there we go. A lil' awkward. But hey, rafting, cool.

What else… Oh! Music at work! I just figured out that it’s generally accepted for people to listen to music there, so might as well join them.

Good list:
Interpol (had never really listened through their cds before)
the Flaming Lips (okay, I’m a tool who just jumped on the bandwagon at Yoshimi, but I like it a lot)
!!! and Ted Leo* and the Shins and Beck (obviously)
ARCADE FIRE ep (not as stellar as Funeral, but man, listen to “No Cars Go” or “Headlights look like Diamonds” and tell me there wasn’t greatness in the making there. Wait, there was.)

Not bad, but not suiting my tastes as much, so don’t reply angrily with “Hey, this band’s awesome!":
Elliott Smith (too quiety… I do like “Rose Parade” and a couple others though)
Matt Pond PA (“Closest” is fantastic, and I don’t mind “Lily Two” or “KC”, but as for the rest, see description of Elliott Smith)
Fiery Furnaces’s “Gallowsbird’s Bark” (sorta fun pop, but really just an appetizer for the greatness that is “Blueberry Boat”)

*so, does “Me and Mia” have a video? I don’t think so, yet, anyway. So here’s how it should go: A guy sitting in a cubicle, surrounded by other cubicles, watching his computer’s clock tick. An e-mail pops up, it’s his boss, asking what time he’ll be in tomorrow or something, like lumberghesque. He’s puzzled, he thinks for a bit, then types something short and defiant, like “I won’t.” sends it, dashes out of his cubicle, vaults over the railing of the 2-story atrium’s balcony, jumps on his bike. As the song ends, you see a gridlock of cars, and him riding his bike joyfully past.

It has nothing to do with the song, and it’s terribly trite (har har. cubicles.), so it shouldn’t be like that at all. But that’s what I felt like today, while listening to the song. Minus the bitchy boss and jumping over the balcony.

Speaking of which, they’ll be in Cleveland, one week from today. Hot! Y’all should go.

My friends are home from college! And they’ll be here soon. WooOOO! So I’m out.


yincrash -

me and mia does have a video. it’s disappointing.

yincrash -

also yeah, me and mia is totally about eating disorders.

Dan -

Awww… that video is disappointing. Oh shit, it all makes sense now though. That’s disappointing too. Mike, you’re ruining one of my favorite songs!

…but how ironic to put it on a post about what great food I’ve been making.

chicken -

yo, i have so many things to say that i might have a system meltdown before i get it all out.

1. yum jamaican jerk– you gotta try this CARRIBEAN jerk wing sauce from buffalo wild wings. it’s fucking delicious, and also the favorite food of gerrit betz’s evil twin, carribean gerrit (pronounced gert).

2. make sure you listen to your music at a reasonable volume level, because i was told that you could listen to the radio at a reasonable volume from 9 to 11… i told bill that if… if sandra’s going to listen to her headphones while she’s…while she’s filing, then dan tasse should be able to listen to the radio while he’s collating… so i don’t see why you should have to– set the building on fire.

3. i’ll tell you which elliot to get into, damnit.

4. i KIND OF commiserate with your arcade fire ish. the thing is, i got both albums at once and kind of listen to funeral and then the ep all at once so i think of it as one amazing, diverse album. COULD THERE BE A BETTER CONTEMPORARY BAND?? (don’t include radiohead, i mean straight up con-temp-or-ary).

5. all i want to do is see ted leo.

6. LIES! i want to see weezer. tass, come to milwaukee with me for the pixies/weezer show, though i saw the pixies last night and they rockkkked.

7. check out broken social scene at work. or yo la tengo. those two + the arcade fire got me through many an all nighter. and radiohead, and aqualung.


chicken -

i almost forgot!!!

9. so i switched to livejournal so that i could make my blog attractive. i found about (more fun to say than ‘found out about’) the fact that non-paying freeloaders like myself only get to include 5 favorite URLs. guess who made the cut, dan tasse? GUESS WHO MADE THE CUT!? yeah, you. booyah.

Ram -

You should hear Elliott’s From a Basement on a Hill. It’s more rock and roll and less quiety. Next time you’re online I can send it to you. Don’t tell the RIAA.


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