A fantastic weekend

So first, I got to see my Cleveland friends- the usual gang, Kemal, Adam, Pete, Dave, plus Kevin, Grace, and Emma. That was great fun, we went to Kemal’s and futilely attempted to play a lot of sports. Sat around, ate hummus, reminisced about Ignatius, etc. Man, that was only the second time this summer I’ve seen some of them (I think) and it’s almost July! What the heck?!

Saturday was excellent- woke up super-late, bought some food, cooked it, Pittsburghers came over- Gerrit, Catherine, and Zach, followed shortly by Beej, Julie, Kaitlin, Connor, Tim, Joe, and Ashley. Made for a great time- we ate picnicky style, threw a frisbee, burned those little toy expanding snake things, played tag variants (also “Man with Bags”!), made a fire, a bunch of fings. It was generally fantastic.

Then Sunday, we went to the Unique Thrift Store, bought some shirts, played Whirlyball, ate at the Winking Lizard, the whole deal. Good times.

It was a good weekend- whichever half you were there for, you probably remember. (or neither, in which case I’m sorry I didn’t get to spend time with you)

Another week of WORK! bloogh! (drowns) time to catch up on SLEEP before said week! (this is lame, all my entries end in how I’m going to go to sleep. Whatever. You want original entertainment, go see some improv or something!)


chicken -

it’s funny because at first i thought you said “yeah, sat around, ate some humans…”

you and your family and your cat are the most splendid people around.

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