God damn, Ted Leo

So it’s pretty trite to say that I want to have his babies, but maybe, whenever he has kids (wait, he doesn’t already, right? does he? i don’t even know, he’s 34, it’s possible), maybe I could say I want to have his babies in the sense that I could actually steal them. Because if they rock anywhere near as much as their dad, that would be a lot of rocking.

Forget all the modern pop/rock music. I hope the list of “rock heroes” who will be remembered from our modern era will somehow include Ted Leo.

On another note, I’m thinking said list will include System of a Down, for which I’m not sad. Among the alternative rock crowd, these guys might be the only ones to put out a solid, original product. And they’ve been doing it for 4 albums, still good, still popular, and they have a double album coming out I guess, which may be their “big” album, you know? So if they end up being recognized as much as, say, Metallica or some other less-good band, I’d be happy.
(instantly loses all “indie cred”) whatever. they’re pretty good and you know it.

Went to see “Man with Bags” tonight- it was weird and absurd and experimental. I think I had the wrong outlook- I kept looking for a plot line. It was super-tenuous at best, because it was weird, absurd, and experimental. There were definitely cool parts though. And it was good to see Miss Brown and Mr. Gray again. (quote my mom: “you’re going with people named ‘Brian Gray’ and ‘Julie Brown’? okay, you’re making that up. That sounds like a box of crayons.")

Tomorrow: Family party! Glug! That’s not a happy noise. I’m missing a gathering with good friends from grade school that I haven’t seen in a long time for it. Also it’s in Tiffin, which is 1.5 hrs away, and it will involve many relatives that I don’t know. I will recite the standard conversation, “hello, i’m fine, i’m going to CMU, studying computer science, it’s going well, i’m working at Hyland Software, it’s going well too,” about 78975168496 times.

aahahhhahahh sleep, or I’d post more. Guten nacht, Herr Fischer!


Anonymous -

Heya Dan, just found your blog…oh and I’ve already fathered Ted Leo’s only children ;) Honestly, though, he’s great.

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