Yeah, I took a trip to Pittsburgh! It was hot! I mean awesome, not actually climatically hot, but it was that too.

Thanks first and foremost to Kaitlin and Beej, for letting me stay at their abodes, making me foodstuffs, and tolerating the fact that I basically said “Hello, I’m in Pittsburgh, I have no plans, entertain me!” :)

Thanks to Alan, who came down to the ‘burgh with me, and Tim, who almost did, and was prevented through no fault of his own.

Thanks to Leslie, Brianna, and Diana, for hosting Zach’s birthday party and making delicious burritos with mole, and to Zach, for having a birthday to merit such a celebration. Thanks to Beej, Ram, and Aaron for spearheading the trip to the Oaks Theatre to see Psycho, and congrats to Aaron for winning a shower curtain.

The “I wish I had a video camera” moment goes to Connor O’DinosaurMalley.

Thanks to Beej for getting me to start listening to the Beatles, to Scott and Katie for letting us invade their apartment to play board games, to the dice for … okay, I rolled seven dice (each with two zeroes, two ones, and two twos) and came up with a total of zero. I soon lost the game.

Houpla to the Church Brew Works for being awesome, having a little less churchiness and a little more restaurantiness than the average church, thanks to Gerrit for teaching me how to throw a frisbee, which was bought at said Beer Works.

And congratulations to Ken Tew and all of us for creating a fantastically awkward moment by not acknowledging each other at the Eat’n’Park visit.

I love you all, have a good night.


Anonymous -

DAN! i miss you so much, it’s not even funny! I dont know why it would ever be funny in the first place, but it is especially unfunny at this point in time. Just so you know. Im happy you all got a trip together to hang out, sorry i had no clue, but w/ my work schedule, i wouldnt have been able to go anyhow :( Work is ok, but i had a lot of free time, so i decided to learn French. Now I can say “Je ne suis pas un omlette du fromage”!!! it is my plan to say that if i am ever told that i bear any sort of resemblance to a cheese omelette. Miss you. GLAD U HAVE A CELL PHONE!!! XOXOXO, T

Imagine42 -

You got the haunt on the first omen??? That’s like history! You’re amazing!! How big was the mansion at the time?

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