Highlights for Kids!

- I’m going to Yellowstone tomorrow, and the Grand Tetons after that! (be back in a week, that is, next Thursday night.)

- In said Tetons, I will (probably, hopefully, likely) be climbing a mountain (or at least a bit of a mountain) on one of the days!

- Reel Big Fish concert tonight, it was pretty sweet! And I got Scott’s guitar pick! (it says “Don’t Hurt People” and on the back it says “Reel Big Fish” It’s sweet.)

- They Might Be Giants concert next Friday!

- No work until next next Monday!

- Music highlights: Bloc Party I enjoy a lot, M83 is pretty darn nifty, and I’m sure Bright Eyes’s “I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning” will grow on me. Beck’s “Midnite Vultures” has really grown on me… I listen to it as much as Odelay or Guero. Also I like this CD I bought at the show tonight by a band called “Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer”!

- That’s all for now. In the next 15 hours, there’s a whole lot of sleeping and packing to do! (Walking To Do by Ted Leo is by far my most played song at work. Did I mention I want to steal his children?)


Anonymous -

Dang dude, I sit right next to you at work, but didn’t realize our musical taste was so similar. M83 kicks booty.

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