Now, life.

What is it, really? I’m pretty sure it’s all about other people. So if that’s true, the best thing you could be doing with your time is spending it with people you love. Sounds good, no? I mean, when in your life have you been the happiest? When you’re with other people, right?

But then what about the happiness you get when you accomplish something big? Is that less good then? What should priorities be? 1. other people, 2. accomplishing worldly things, 3. other stuff…

Right now, I’m looking at this:
1. Spend time with other people
2. Work in the summer, school in the other seasons
3. Hobbies/stuff that you can look back on and say “I got better at this”- right now, cooking, building that computer, listening to music (damn! listen to M83 sometime! I am really enjoying it!), a little juggling- kind of the “bragging rights” bit of life
4. Physical fitness- exercise every day, really
5. Other annoying tasks- cleaning out my room, etc.
6. I never really get past #4 anyway

and I’m pretty happy with this. If I can hit those top 4, I’ll be pretty happy. This is boring reading though, so I’ll provide another easy-to-read list, but this will be more entertaining.

- reading “A Heartbreaking work of Staggering Genius” by David Eggers. It’s mostly brilliant. It’s a little dull in some parts, but most parts are exactly the book I would want to write if I wrote a book, so I adore it.

- I’ve been juggling bocce balls! check it out- it’s like weightlifting and juggling at once. How excellent is that?

- I played chess against one of my friends from North Olmsted tonight, said friend being brilliant at chess. He demolished me quickly, but it was cool just to watch someone so good instantly come up with the right moves. I think it all went downhill when I moved a pawn up two spaces, forgetting a crucial rule: I quickly was _en passant_ed, and I lost soon after.

- Sketch idea! You know the phrase “you drive a hard bargain”? it’d be a commercial, about a car company named Hard Bargain. It’d be so cheesy: two guys would be haggling about a car price, the buyer would say “wow, you drive a hard bargain.” The salesman would go “Yep, and now, you do too!” We can add more cheese as necessary. That brings sketch idea total to 3, along with “Adopt a Racist” and “the man going through puberty backwards.” Is the sketch comedy troupe going to happen, or was that just a rumor?

-Wow, I went jetskiing today. The first couple rides were a little hairy, but I soon got the hang of it. After that it was a lot of fun. Thanks Brad and Brad’s family for inviting me, it was cool.

-Going to freakin Yellowstone in a few days (this Thursday through next Thursday). How cool is that?! I still have to figure out what to do there. Hike a lot. Climb something, dammit! I’m young and sprightly, I want to conquer mountains and stuff! Of course I have no experience or equipment, so this may not be possible… well, I’ll see what I can do.


Unknown -

Oh man. You were _en passant_ed?

That’s like the ultimate chess smackdown. Sorry, dude.

Brian -

“the man going through puberty backwards.”

i have liked very few of the sketches i come up with and only a few others. this premise is pure brilliance. if the sketch troupe happens, i feel like y’all should watch some things. for flavor. maybe i should make a list. this stopped being a blog comment.


Germit -

Dan Tasse, we share many of the same ideals.`

I, however, often do a pisspoor job of keeping up with them. I hope you’re more successful than I am.

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