Waaaaa it's been a week

So (that’s the conversation-starting “so”, not the math-professor “so”) I was in Wyoming all week. At Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.

Yellowstone was cool, what you’d expect really. I saw Old Faithful and all the tourist stuff. The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone was the standout here.

Grand Tetons were cooler. I really enjoyed this park, the mountains were awesome. Went on a hike between two of the mountains, that was cool… but the real star here was rock climbing! I tried it one day, man, that is fun! I mean we didn’t do anything tough, basically learning the ropes (literally!) and some easy climbs, but it’s got me stoked for more. Anyone ever try this? (and does anyone know of anywhere in the Cleveland/Pittsburgh area it can be done?)

Then Friday: I go with Beej, Aaron, Ram, and Mike Yin to meet Jearl Walker (see: Kinetic Karnival … also get out your encyclopedias and look under “awesome”, or possibly under “portrait of virile masculinity”) At any rate, this Cleveland State professor made some physics videos that we watched in 8th grade. They were remarkable for their 70’sness, kinda slipshoddyness, but generally coolness, as this guy would get sandwiched between 2 beds of nails, or walk across hot coals, or dip his hand into molten lead to illustrate physics principles. And lo and behold, due to the magic of Brian Gray, we managed to meet this guy! I was so excited. I got his autograph too. We all agreed that he is a pretty awesome dude.

We met Theresa Lin and got some tasty pizza at Rascal House, but she had to leave as we were going to They Might Be Giants… which was a great great concert. First, the opener, Corn Mo. If you’ve never experienced Corn Mo, it’s hard to explain. He’s got an accordion, a keyboard, and a large jar of rocking the heck out, with a pinch of mumbling between songs, creepiness, and a song entitled “Hava Nagila Monster.” Then TMBG, um, opened for themselves with a fun bunch of songs, then played their regular set, then played 2 encores (the second with Corn Mo). Hits include Snail Shell, She’s an Angel, and Fingertips. I was stoked. For a band that a lot of people think of as just a joke or something, they really rock. Not even kidding.

Thanks to the Grays for having us overnight, and to Mrs. Gray for a delicious breakfast. It was good. (and we watched some of the Kinetic Karnival)

The Mustard Seed Market, however, was not as good. Well actually it was great, it was deluxe, but stuff their is pretty overpriced.

List of Grocery Stores, from Least to Most Hippie:
-Marc’s (just cheap. kinda depressing. but very cheap)
-Aldi (never been here, just guessing)
-Giant Eagle (pretty standard. not too overpriced)
-Trader Joe’s (i think the pinnacle of grocery shopping so far. some organic stuff, all good quality, mostly very cheap. the only downside is that you can’t complete a shopping trip here alone, as it’s kinda small)
-Mustard Seed (lots of organic things, lots of dietary supplements, a bit pricey. very nice though, they have 2 stories and a cafe with a live band upstairs. whoa.)
-Whole Foods (again, just guessing. this is like the hippie foods hangout though, am I right?)

Basically, go to Trader Joe’s. If you can’t get everything you need there, go to Giant Eagle. Unless you’re stocking up on nonperishables, then go to Marc’s or Aldi. My mom likes Aldi… downside is it’s all generic stuff I guess. I should go to Whole Foods sometime, maybe I’m vilifying it too much.

Saw Pete and Adam today. It’s weird, we can’t find stuff to do like we used to. Well we can, today was just a bit subdued. It was great to see them though, I’m sorry Dave couldn’t make it. (and Kemal too… he’s in Michigan? who knew?) Saw Brian too, I wish him and Billy Mats and Alex Z. the best of luck at IJA Davenport. But even if they lose big, I’m still wowed by the tremendous growth of the Circus Co (size and skillwise) the year after I left it.

… gasp, wheeze, done w/ this post. You win! Now go read your Harry Potter book, so I can borrow it.


chicken -

tasse mctasserton,

i really missed your delightful ramblings! soooo happy you’re back, even if it’s not to pgh. speaking of pgh., c’mere!!!!! and yo, there is a rock climby place here called mcconnell’s mill. gerrit and i both went in elementary/middle school. i think it’s like 30 min. away (40 miles north, so if you wanted to go, it may make more sense to meet there or whatever).

my banana chips smell kind of funny.

i love you tass!!

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