A post for the less important things in life

Shoot, I’ve been cranking these entries out like a Fruit Roll-up factory during a plastic surplus. Two things this time.

1. Should I CA 15-200? (that’s programming)… CA = TA with less responsibility and less pay.
Pros: I want to teach, I want to TA eventually, it’s some money (probably $1500 over the semester), I feel like a slacker if I’m not working
Cons: Time-sucka (12-15 hrs/week). CA’ing is less good than TA’ing, I might be overworking myself (it’d be like taking 6 classes…), I’m at school to take classes, not to work; I already made a pile of money this summer, I really need to slow my life down. Plus, more work = less fun.

2. Music update:

Architecture in Helsinki, where have you been my entire life? Seriously kids, this band (well, only their CD “In Case We Die” is all I’ve heard so far) but it’s fantastic. Try “It'5” or “Do the Whirlwind” if you want a couple of tracks to download. Wow. I listened to “It'5” 10 times in one day. It’s that good. Or rather, it'5 that good.

Pavement, you’re still pretty good. I like your good songs more, there’s still some filler though. I admire your attitude more than your music. That said, some are really great (shady lane, embassy row, conduit for sale, fame throwa, etc)

Belle and Sebastian (as heard through Push Bar Man to Open Old Wounds)- I like you a lot. Sometimes you get a little too cutesy for me- your singer’s voice is a little hard to take. But some of your songs are really awesome, and the more I listen to them, the more I like them.

Brian Wilson (as heard through Smile)- Best record ever? (according to Metacritic) hardly. best of 2004 even? Nah. Pretty good though? Yeah. When I thought “Beach Boys” I didn’t think psych-pop or this pastiche of music, off-kilter yet with enough common threads to make it a very interesting listen. Even catchy in parts. Still, it felt like an hour of TMBG’s “Fingertips,” which may be too much of a good thing.

Flaming Lips (Transmissions from the Satellite Heart)- Oh, it was you guys who did that “tangerines” song. Oh, it was called “she don’t use jelly” and it was about how she “used vaseline” instead. Oh. Ahh, childhood. Oh, the rest of your record is pretty boring, I don’t dig it at all. Well that’s life.

Maritime- I really like “Adios”. Why don’t you guys rock out a little more? well whatever, you’re just a side project, you’re allowed to be subpar. Not that you are- every listen, I like your mellow stuff more. “Adios” is as good as I expect from the Dismemberment Plan’s bassist, the rest is, well, fine.

Richard Cheese- Still funny.

Joan of Arc- I like this. How about “haunted house emo” for a genre? And how about me liking said genre? It does feel like you’re in a world that’s just a little creepy though, and I like it. Plus some pretty kick-ass commentary on ClearChannel.


Anonymous -

‘Joan of Arc Dick Cheney Mark Twain’ was the defining record of my fall semester last year.

I have more; we can listen to it. IN WIZZO!

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