Shakespeare is fresh

We’re reading Richard II (I lost the game) and it’s pretty good. I mean, I’ve read Macbeth, King Lear, and the Merchant of Venice, but those were in high school English classes and they really kind of coddled us along. Maybe what’s so fun about it is that it’s like a code- you read a page, understand it, and then it’s cool, because you decoded another page. This sounds lame- “I like Shakespeare” sounds like something that one might say just to appear erudite. But I actually enjoy it. Now if only I had more time or less to read… because reading a play in 4 school days w/ other stuff going on is not easy. But whatever, (I lost the game again) I’d rather read than do actual work. So it’s cool. I’m glad I’m taking the class. Not to mention, Julie, Sarah, Tyson, and Mary Grace are in it, and that’s cool too.

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