Uncle Mac

So my “Uncle” (really a great-uncle or something) Mac just died. I never really knew him much, he was a somewhat distant relative, but he was always there at those big family gatherings. He was a little short, kind of unassuming, had a very distinctive way of talking- he looked a little like a cartoon (I say this not to make fun of him, but just to give you an idea). I remember him always looking and feeling a little out of place at the huge gatherings, especially after his wife, Aunt Helen, died a couple years ago. The same out-of-placeness that I always feel. He somehow had this bit of childlike innocence, even though he looked the oldest of anyone.

Overall, he was the nicest, meekest guy… in that side of my family, you’ve got bickering and arguing- it’s not the happiest family ever. But never Uncle Mac. So throw him in your prayers, or whatever you’ve got- it might be silly, but take 15 seconds to wish Uncle Mac a happy afterlife (or whatever there is). You never met him, and I hardly knew him, but still, he deserves at least that.


Joe -

Dan, you truly are a good person. Uncle Mac sounded a lot like one, too. I’m sure he’s peacefully smiling down on us right now.

As an answer to your other question, blogging is whatever you make it to be. But I maintain that the finest example of what it could be is this blog right here.

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