Why I like sleep

See, usually, sleep is just a means to an end (specifically, being awake). But last night, I had a lucid dream. You know, one of those dreams where you realize you’re dreaming and you can control it? (at least more than you can control real life)…

Well, I found myself in my old North Olmsted house, the one I lived in before my current house. I don’t remember who was around- I think my family. I thought “Wow, I’m dreaming! I can do whatever I want! But since this is a dream, I’m likely to wake up soon, I only have a limited time.” And if someone told you, you can do whatever you want, with no consequences, but only for a few minutes and in your own house… what would you do? I mean, there’s not much.

I think I opened up the fridge and started eating ice cream and drinking pop. I spilled some ice cream, but then I thought, who cares? It’s just a dream. And then I was going to take the car somewhere. On the way out, I thought, hey, I’ll grab a beer for the road. I thought “I don’t even particularly like beer- it’s just that I can do it, so I will”. I felt like I shouldn’t be driving with a beer, and then I thought, what’s the worst that can happen? I get pulled over and thrown in dream-jail? I crash? I’ll just wake up. Course, about as soon as I got in the car, I did wake up.

Even so, lucid dreaming gives you a ton of power. But think about it… what would you do if you could do anything, but only for a few minutes and only in a predefined place? And here’s the kicker: no consequences! It’s pretty much “id, do whatever you want.” At any rate, I hope I lucid-dream again.


Brian -

I had a lucid dream once when I was about 15. I was in my house, so I walked outside, sat in a little red chair and floated up. I flew over all of my neighborhood, the trees, the houses. Just floating.

To answer your question, 6 years later, I would still fly. Maybe this says something about me. That I feel trapped or something. It’s not even really something I care about. But when I think of the ability to do anything, my mind always jumps to flying.

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