Globe juggling

Once I saw this guy doing a kind of juggling where he rolled the balls around the inside of a sphere, instead of tossing them into the air. It looked pretty cool. That’s how my mind feels right now. (maybe I’m making that juggling thing up, but I think I’ve seen it.) I was talking to Gerrit, we were on a late night trip to McDonald’s, and, well, that can only lead to a lot of philosophy.

- On how atheism, overall, is bad.

- Whether it’s possible/good to always be happy

- The hive mind of college

- The cold air of fall makes you feel more alive

- Spontaneous dialogue with strangers

- Being outside the comfort zone as the way to strength

- If someone says something bad about you (to you or to someone else), do you have the right to be mad about it?

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Actually, you can’t at all. Only I can. And I very well may. But not now… board meeting in 8 hours!


Anonymous -

Why is atheism bad?

Dan -

I guess it’s not that atheism as such is bad. It’s that having no sense of spirituality, no belief in anything great out there, that leads to an ineffective sort of life. I think I’ll cover it in the future.

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