I hit the ground running

then I bandaged up my hand and kept on running, because really, why hit the ground when you’re running? That’s been this year. Ironically, it’s involved very little actual running, or biking, compared to summer. Which is kinda lame.

This week was (is!) the first, and hopefully the second-worst, homework crush of the year- 113, 212, and 354 were due, and I had to read I Henry IV. 113 got done early, 212 got done a half hour ago (that is, a half hour before the deadline), 354 will be getting done next, and I Henry IV after that. Too much programming, plus 354 is a mindblatz. Not getting enough sleep either.

But enough about homework and sleep! If this blog were a vehicle for my inner whine to come out and gripe about homework and sleep, I would delete it from the INTERNET. ‘cuz that’s lame.

What’s not lame? INTERNET sign. Coming in 9-20 days. Hot.

Sufjan concert last night- it was pretty cool. A road trip is always nice (it was in Cleveland)- especially on a school night! We can do it, so we did! Hah!

I, uh, didn’t order a ticket for the concert… so I got to the front of the line, and someone had left one there. I got in free. I got rewarded for my, uh, lunchiness? There’s something inherently wrong there. But it benefits me, so I will just laugh it off as I throw a styrofoam cup out of my BMW convertible while cruising down the wide-open 6-LANE HIGHWAY of LIFE.

Speaking of driving, we had an entertaining encounter with a stranger. Another actor in the movie of my life. Driving down Fifth in Oakland, this guy pulls up next to us, rolls down the window, and yells:

Him: Cell phones?!
Us: er… huh?
Gerrit: Cell phones?!
Him: CELL PHONES! What are you guys, a bunch of faggots?
Gerrit: Well, some of us are.
Him: Yeah, you CMU students, just jackin’ off all the time.
Zach: What are you talking about??
Him: Yeah, you go to Carnegie Mellon, you just sit around masturbating all day (makes masturbatory gesture)
Us: What? (Zach rolls up window)

The light turned green, he sped off. At the next light, he made the same gesture at us again, so Gerrit said “Haha, everybody masturbate!” so we made the same gesture back at him. The whole scenario was unbelieveable.

That’s all I’ve got for you now. Maybe when life lets up a bit (see: winter break) I’ll post again. Have a good one. CELL PHONES?!

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