I just made "Let There Be" sauce

I awoke from a curious dream
I dreamt a world of red sauce,
There were frozen peppers
and canned tomatoes
and I wasn’t hungry anymore.

I woke up and planned a wonderful sauce,
full of vegetables and spices,
And now this hunger will be stilled
And my emptiness be filled
As I set about to cook
My dream

Let there be, let there be
Let there be
Tomato paste
Let there be, let there be

Peppers, garlic, oregano, basil,
Let there be!
Let there be!
(and I saw, it was good)
Let there be!

It’s not enough! It’s still not enough!
There was something more in my dream,
Some extra flavor and meatiness,
What was it, though?
I only know
I wasn’t hungry anymore

Let there be, let there be
Ham and corn
Green onions with extra zing,
More of every little thing,
Some more garlic, more basil too,
More tomatoes, yeah, that will do,
Let there be!
Let there be!

And I breathed into my pasta the breath of tastiness,
I didn’t actually breathe on it though, that’d be icky,
And I gave the sauce a name after this lame show,
And called the sauce… complete.

Let there be!

Yeah… I’m kind of proud of this sauce. It will destroy your face. Actually, it’s not too different from whatever normal sauce… it’s just way over the top. And I have so much of it. You all should come over and eat it.
Final ingredient list:
2 cans tomatoes, plus a ziploc bag full of tomato chunks
1 bag of frozen peppers
1 onion
1 can of corn
1 green pepper, plus a ziploc bag half full of pepper chunks
a ziploc bag half full of green onions
a half ziploc bag plus a couple of small handfuls of diced ham
1 can of tomato paste
half a bottle of basil
a couple liberal dashes of garlic powder
maybe one liberal dash of oregano
3 cloves of garlic
a little cornstarch, added as a thickener before I decided tomato paste would be better
4 gallons of AWESOME

It rocks like Ted Leo. It’s explosively tasty. Well, I dunno, maybe I’m just proud because this is the first sauce I’ve ever made from scratch. And it’s sweet. Anyway, yeah, come eat it tomorrow. Check .vomit for details.


Brian -

where do you buy awesome by the gallon? i’ve only ever found pints and the cost adds up sooo quickly.

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