Time by Pink Floyd

I was just going to call it “Time” but that’s boring.
Headlines: stuff’s going pretty well, rehearsals and homework a lot but who cares, weekends are cool, etc.

Page 2 articles:
If you say “thank you”, the most common response now is “thank YOU.” I think it should be “fuck YOU.” People won’t notice, and if they do, it’ll be really funny:
(person A holds door for B)
B: Thank you.
A: Fuck YOU.

See? Humor in a box.

I got very drunk on Saturday, just to try it. I was a little loopy. The party got better after that, but more because I got into a good conversation than because I was all drunk. I posted some really long post on .vomit, that was kind of fun. I maintain alcohol is a bit overrated. It sometimes tastes good though.

Joe and Ashley are having a dramatic debate about their high school educations. I wisely bugged out a few minutes ago.

I think life needs more headlines- it’d make for better conversation. Maybe it’s not that life needs more headlines, it’s that you need to notice smaller things. Then you’d have all the headlines you want.

Most of all, as usual, I need sleep. What else is new eh?

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