The latest bits

So I threw a burrito party, and nobody came. That’s not true. Mike Yin came, and Tim and Matt and Phil came from upstairs. Gerrit came later (but alas, did not eat a burrito)


I guess I should have reminded people? asked for rsvp? not planned it on a wednesday at 7? I don’t know, I figured the CoE cast would be more than willing to come over for food and fun.

That is not to say it was a culinary failure. I marinated 2 kinds of chicken- one in chipotle salsa, one in a kind of marinade… it was good chicken too, fresh from Wholey’s. Mmmmm. Also we had guacamole, peppers (3 colors!) and onions, corn and black beans, white or whole wheat tortillas, 3 kinds of salsa (chipotle, arbol chile, and mild) plus some hot sauce, romaine lettuce, cheese, sour cream… man, it was delicious.

The INTERNET is here, it’s pretty sweet.

Oh, also… I finished reading Harry Potter 6, and I watched Romeo and Juliet (and am about halfway through reading it). Both affected me more than they should have. Well, I guess that’s not fair to say about R&J, it being one of the greatest tragedies of all time… but yeah, I’m all emotional (moody? ehh sort of) right now. Well hey, that’s a plus anyway- shows I still have a soul. You haven’t gotten me yet, computer science major!


Anonymous -

Damn…I would kill for a good burrito right now. Apparently that’s something that doesn’t exist in Europe. So if you want to FedEx me some leftovers, I’ll be very happy.

Anonymous -

Oh, that was Adam Jaffe by the way

Tyson -

Dan! AlexO and I want burritos tonight (Friday) after rehearsal. We’ll come!

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