On glasses

I wore my glasses a little bit this weekend. I actually got a couple of comments- people thought I looked more stately, more … I even got the description “more regal.” First of all, thank you… second of all, however, I think I’ll continue not to wear my glasses much.

Well, they’re too much trouble. But more importantly, I’m already too distant from other people- I don’t want to add another layer. If I’m a CEO giving a presentation, trying to convey an image of authority, I’ll wear glasses… but since I’m not, I want to be as non-distant as possible.

There it is, status again. Glasses raise your status? But do they? I always feel geekier wearing them, and therefore lower status. At any rate, I don’t want to be any lower, or risk slipping into like self-degradation… but if I were any higher status, like I said, I think I might alienate people. You can be friends with people higher or lower status than you… but you can only be great friends with people who are about the same as you, I think. So glasses, ehh.

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