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Did I use that title before? … whatever. Right now I’ve been feeling really tired. It doesn’t make sense, my last few days of sleep have been somethin like 9, 7, 11 (and tonight will be another 7)… so I should be all right. I don’t know, I’m just kind of feeling uninspired. Class is boring. Rehearsal is, well, rehearsal. I feel like I’m spending all of my time in one or the other. That’s no good.

In other news, DC was sweet. Not much to tell, other than I saw 3 of my friends again, which was cool, and DC is a pretty neat place. They have a subway-
Can I gush for a minute about how cool subways are, see you pay your money and go friggin underground, we’re talkin escalators like 4 stories tall, and then pretty soon you’re inside although you never went through a door, the train arrives, it hits you with a blast of air in the face, just an overwhelming wallop of air and MODERNNESS, and then you travel to your destination on this bus (it’s huge! there must be room for ten thousand people in one subway train!) this bus that goes exactly there, nowhere else, only stops a few times on the way and you’re there in another subway station that looks just like the last one except for the sign on the wall, you go up another 4-story escalator and youre back outside, again, no doors. the smells are nothing to write home about and in fact it’s all a little dark and dismal but hell, it’s clean, it’s efficient, it goes all around the city COMPLETELY DISREGARDING TRAFFIC and spits you out wherever you are- no cars. should i mention the map? the multicolored map that translates navigating into a series of no more than a dozen lines that will take you everywhere you need to go, that distills navigating into memorizing, say, 50 stations? the perfect example of graph theory?

American U. is very much not like here.

Oh, I read this book about an MIT blackjack team. Can I just say, that’s really cool? Bring it up sometime when we’re talking, we’ll discuss it, because I think their whole idea is absolutely beautiful, and I know some of you might disagree. (well, maybe not absolutely beautiful, but like 95% beautiful.) Or bring it up and we’ll both be like “yeah. that’s pretty sweet.”


Anonymous -

ooh, ooh, I wanna hear about the MIT Blackjack team

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